Scituate, MA: Representative Patrick Kearney of 4th Plymouth District, Marshfield and Scituate, announced his appointment to four legislative committees of the 191st Massachusetts General Court: Steering, Policy and Scheduling; Export Development; Housing; and, Public Safety and Homeland Security. 

“It’s exciting to serve on committees that address key issues for my constituents,” Kearney said. The Housing Committee is a natural fit since affordable housing and increased property development have been issues in both Scituate and Marshfield. Export Development aligns with his focus on sustaining local businesses including commercial fishing. Global markets are increasingly important for commercial fishermen, and, Kearney looks forward to helping them navigate this complex environment.  

“As a legislator, I believe that there needs to be more full and open debate of the issues on the House floor,” Kearney said. As a member of the Steering, Policy and Scheduling Committee he will work hard to keep the voters’ priorities before the House. 

Lastly, Representative Kearney’s appointment to the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee speaks to his strong commitment to civil defense both as a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Navy Strategic Sealift Readiness Midshipman Program, and, as an Ensign of the U.S. Navy Reserves. Kearney has already been a leader on these issues, cosponsoring a bill that would ensure Coast Guard members are paid during a government shutdown. 

“I’m looking forward to advocating for Marshfield and Scituate on each of these committees. This is going to be a long session with lots of complex issues. Now, the real work of the 191st Congress can begin on behalf of my constituents and the greater Commonwealth,” Kearney said as he returned to his temporary office space in the energetic Bullpen, B-1 of the State House basement.

Kearney Advocates For Local Fisherman and Helps Them Win Seat on Governor's Commission on Fisheries; Addresses Opioid Crisis; Visits with Marshfield Seniors

MARSHFIELD/SCITUATE – As Patrick Kearney continues to knock on hundreds of doors, listening to voters’ concerns while campaigning for the 4th Plymouth District State Representative seat, he’s already working hard across party lines for the constituents of the district, in a variety of settings.

Just this week, Kearney worked with State Representative Joan Meschino and State Senator Patrick O'Connor to successfully advocate for the South Shore Lobstermen to have a seat on the Governor's Commission.

“I’d like to thank Rep. Meschino, Sen. O'Connor and Local South Shore Lobster Fishermen’s Association President John Haviland for working with me to pass language that gives our lobstermen a seat on Governor Baker's Commission on Fisheries. As State Representative, I will continue to work with both parties to advocate on behalf of our local community.”

More than any other candidate, Kearney has the most thorough understanding of the fishing community here in Scituate and Marshfield, due to his experience working in the industry.

“I also deeply appreciated the attentiveness of Meschino and O'Connor to this issue and our local fishing community,” added Kearney.

Kearney also participated in the Scituate Chamber of Commerce “Meet the Candidates” Forum last week. He said that he continues to prioritize working with local and state officials to address the opioid crisis which continues to devastate families.

“We cannot hold off on legislation of pharmaceutical practices and safety measures any longer,” he said. “I will not stand by as victims of addiction and their families suffer.”

Finally, Kearney joined over a hundred seniors who turned out for the 15-year anniversary celebration of the Marshfield Senior Center Saturday. “The accomplishments of the center staff and town officials in providing a breadth of social, learning, health and wellness services are truly outstanding,” noted Kearney. “I’m most impressed that the Fitness and Wellness Initiative alone has reached a total of 11,000 units in a given period. As your next State Representative, I will be an unrelenting advocate for funds and legislation to support the building and service needs of the Marshfield and Scituate Senior Centers,” Kearney stated.

Kearney Endorsed by New England Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association and Marshfield Teachers’ Association

The New England Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association as well as the Marshfield Teachers’ Association have recently endorsed candidate Patrick Kearney for 4th Plymouth District State Representative.

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Kearney Connects with Voters at Community Grassroots Events

Patrick Kearney, State Representative Candidate for Marshfield and Scituate, continues his campaign pledge to know the voters.

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Patrick Kearney and Sean Costello Hold Unity Breakfast

Patrick Kearney, Democratic nominee for State Representative in the 4th Plymouth District, and Sean Costello, who also sought the Democratic nomination, held a “Unity Coffee” on Wednesday, September 14 th at 7:00 AM.

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Kearney proud to place over 900 signs in Marshfield and Scituate this weekend

Groundswell of support includes many prominent citizens from both towns

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Jim Cantwell’s Former Campaign Manager Endorses Kearney

Steve Darcy, former campaign manager for outgoing Rep. Jim Cantwell, calls Kearney “best candidate to match Jim’s work ethic.”

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Police Union Endorses Patrick Kearney for State Rep

Massachusetts Coalition of Police endorses Kearney for 4th Plymouth District seat,
citing his “commitment to the safety of the citizens of Massachusetts.”

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Kearney Honored by Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 Endorsement

Kearney earns 8th labor union endorsement, Democratic opponent has none.

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Kearney Opens Campaign Offices in Marshfield and Scituate

Kearney's offices will help coordinate campaign efforts, voter outreach.

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